Langırt masaları, karaoke makineleri, bira fıçıları ve ücretsiz aperatifler içeren bir alan olan bir işyeri hayal edin. Hayal gibi geliyor değil mi?

Bütün bunlar Yelp’in New York ofisinde 900 çalışanına sunduğu olanaklar ve gerçek.

2004 yılında kurulan ve merkezi San Francisco’da bulunan Yelp, tüketicilerin mobil uygulama ve internet sitesi aracılığıyla çeşitli işletmeleri bulmalarını ve incelemelerini sağlayan yaklaşık 3 milyar dolarlık bir şirkettir. ABD ve Avrupa’da yedi ofisleri bulunuyor.

Upon arriving at Yelp's New York office on a Wednesday afternoon in August, we were greeted by Paul Reich, vice president of local sales, who would be our tour guide. Our first stop: the Yelp Café.

Reich said music is a major part of the New York office's culture. Case in point — the New York office recently added a karaoke machine. Once in a while, the Yelp team will head out to Koreatown to sing their hearts out at karaoke bars.

Other employees have formed a capella groups, rock bands, and hip hop squads, he told us. Once in a while, they'll perform in this common area built to resemble New York's High Line.

Once the gong rings, everyone gathers around to cheer and high five the salesperson who made the deal.

This is one spot where Yelp employees can find quiet, away from the hubbub and noise of the neighborhoods. "We need to provide space that’s peaceful and serene," Reich said. "This is just a peaceful, safe zone where we don’t play music."

When all 900 people get together for an office-wide meeting, they typically gather in this spot outside the café.

Another whimsical feature — an indoor swing — was hanging nearby.

... a foosball table ...

The office's "kegerator" bar featured a selection of craft beer. Reich said that people do stop by almost every day after hours.